Contrive in 5!™

Our first DIY blog which is a bit easier than 8 steps...introducing "Contrive in 5!" - a quick DIY you can do in a few hours! 

Step 1: Get inspired. I actually got inspired by Justina Blakeney's "Face the Foliage" where she creates pictures of faces using leaves and flowers. They are so beautiful and so unique - I wanted to create something out of shells, which remind me of the places I love. 

Step 2: Find a base: I used plain wooden rectangles, just big enough for my daughters' handprints. 

Step 3: Grab your materials. 


Step 4: Paint your base, then trace your idea. I used a mallet to break up my shells and a hot glue gun to glue them down, in no particular order  - I've learned that my best DIY's are not thought out... just glue it and play as you go! 

Step 5: Find your best photo op to display your hard work!