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Spring Table Made Simple

I'm not a cook, nor do I really want to be, but I have to admit that a beautiful table makes even the simplest chicken, steamed rice and veggies taste so much better! Don't you agree? Welcome to the first of many "Create in 8" blogs where I will guide you to create a beautiful table in just 8 simple steps! Enjoy!

Step 1: FIND AN INSPIRATION PIECE.  I love being open to things that inspire me.  Inspiration could come from a sign, a word, nature, artwork, children, glassware, furniture, architecture, etc.  While I was at the dollar store one day, I came across these sweet flower paper cup/containers. I immediately said to myself (and outloud, I think), "how cute!"  Rarely do I know how I will end up using my little inspirational pieces when I encounter them, but that's why they are called, "inspiration pieces." 

Step 2: CHOOSE 3 COLORS. Choosing a color palette is going to make your tablescape look cohesive and planned. Think of the colors of things you can readily acquire from your home or from nature. You can even choose 4 colors if you are daring!  For example, this little container has many colors, including different shades of blues, greens, yellow, orange and red. I think I will go with bright blue, yellow and light green to make my table "pop" and because I know I have blue glassware, yellow  and green casual plates, and light green bowls and vases. We are doing a "spring" table, so I'm mixing many bright colors and a neutral is not one of them this time. 

Step 3: CHARGER PLATES OR PLACEMATS OR BOTH. I'm a believer that a plate should have a charger plate or placemat underneath it. It adds to your design and again, makes that food look extra yummy!  Experiment - don't have charger plates? No worries. Use placemats. No placemats? Use some paper!  It will look cute and chic, especially for an informal setting! Take a picture - what do you like better? I also always usually pick a "metallic" to go with my color palette (gold or silver) just in case I want to add that extra touch! Here I tried out my gold chargers with green plates or my blue placemats with yellow plates. This is for a casual spring table, so I'm not breaking out my fine china! 

Step 4: ADD A PERSONAL DETAIL. Like a nameplate or some pretty flowers from your garden. Think of something that will make this "your" table. Is it part of the centerpiece? Some unique napkin rings? A picture in a frame? A bowl or piece of glassware that's been in your family? Use it! If you think it's pretty, it will only add to the beauty of your table!

Step 5: LOOK FOR ITEMS AROUND YOUR HOUSE THAT MATCH YOUR COLOR SCHEME. I love this part of designing! I frantically run around my house and grab things I think will "go" with my table design and color palette. For our spring table, I grabbed things in green, orange, blue and bought some daffodils for my "yellow."  I have a really cool cake plate that I'm always hoping to use which has colors in our palette and gold accents. I even grabbed an old fashioned juicer piece, thinking, "this is green, it's cool, it will work!" Again, I still don't know how these things will come together at this point, I'm just putting everything out there so I have options for the final product! 

Step 6: REPURPOSE ITEMS. Repurpose items like fabric and ribbon into napkins and napkin rings or even table runners! I grabbed some yellow cotton fabric, orange ribbon and my daughter's bow clip to make some cute napkins and napkin rings. Who would have thought, right? 

Step 7: GO OUTSIDE. Pick some greenery or flowers and put them in a pretty vase or cup. I think I'm going to use those little inspiration containers for some greenery at each setting. 

Step 8: STAND BACK AND TAKE A LOOK. Okay, stand back. Close your eyes. Open them. First glance - what's distracting to you? How does it look? Remove or rearrange. Take a picture. Fill an empty hole. 

As far as my little inspiration containers, when I have guests over, I can change the flowers to treats or anything else that adds to my menu! 


See the difference with the addition of the gold charger plates and the napkin both to the side or on the plate? What do you like best? 


There you go! Don' t be afraid to mix patterns and use color!  I can't wait to see what lovely tables you've designed based on these 8 easy steps to a beautiful tablescape. Enjoy and thanks for reading "Create in 8!"

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